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About Us


At Christmas, we celebrate the birth of Jesus.  It is customary to display a Nativity scene (Christmas crèche) with the stable, manger, baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph, the shepherds and wise men.  We read the accounts of the Savior's birth as we watch our children and grandchildren lay the infant Jesus in his crib and place the animals, shepherds and wise men around him.

At Easter, however, there are few if any three dimensional visual displays of the risen Lord at the Garden Tomb.  Instead, Easter baskets, bunnies and colored eggs abound.  While these items are colorful, they do not draw our attention to the real meaning of Easter - the Savior's atonement and resurrection.

Desiring to provide something visual and tangible for our family as we read the accounts in the scriptures of that first Easter morning, we decided to create our own Easter display, which we call Easter Crèche.  Believing that beautiful art can help to teach true doctrine, we engaged a gifted artist to sculpt a tomb with a movable stone, the risen Christ, an angel and Mary - a five piece set, which we displayed in our home.  On seeing it, many friends and family have asked "Where did you get that?" and "How can I get one?" so we decided to go into production and make the Easter display available to others. 

The figures of Christ and the angel are 5 inches tall.  All pieces are made of a durable, non-breakable, eco and child friendly material.  Each piece in the set is artistically crafted and individually painted.  Though impressive to view in this website the painted figures are truly stunning to see in person.  The display has brought a special spirit of Easter into our home.  Gathered around an Easter Crèche, as parents read aloud from the scriptures they will take joy in watching their children move the figures about to re-enact the events of that first Easter morning.

We have tried to achieve a balance between artistic quality, durability and affordability.  We encourage families to view the Easter Crèche as an investment in a family tradition which will help bring the Easter spirit into their homes year after year.

 As you think about how you will celebrate Easter this year, we invite you to consider adding an Easter Crèche to your home decor.  

 Craig and Laura Mortensen